• Stay away from smoking & unhealthy diet to live a long and HEALTHY life
  • If we TRUELY FOCUS on our aim then only we will be able to achieve the GOAL
  • Palghar should be Developing District  with a Human Face
  • I want to make Palghar one of the most Technologically Enabled District
  • India is Unique Country with Culture, Heritage & almost all type of land forms in all Climatic Condition
  • Entire my duty dedicated to service for the country
  • मेरे ऊपर मेयर चुनाव लड़ने का दबाव है: ललित
  • Hard work & Dedication is the key of success - Abhishek Trimukhe
  • MADCL is Developing  9 Airports in  across State
  • हमारी नज़र सब पर है - सुलखान सिंह





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